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Mel graduated from the University of Delaware with a BA in Japanese and minors in Writing and Women’s Studies. She’s currently an editor for a small publisher and translates niche Japanese novels in her free time. Her other interests include art history, particularly Baroque art, and drawing. Her favorite frozen yogurt is chocolate with marshmallow sauce.

Manga History

Ero Guro Nansensu in Manga [NSFW]

Chances are high that you’ve stumbled upon some sort of ero guro in your time on the internet. Ero guro nonsense (or ero guro nansensu) spans a wide variety of Japanese media, from theater and manga to film and music.

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Translation Theory: Gankutsuou [Spoilers]

The nuances of Japanese cannot always be translated directly into English (and by not always, I mean most of the time). Did key details in Gankutsuou get lost in translation?

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The Ethereal Worlds of Keiko Takemiya

A member of the Year 24 Group, Keiko Takemiya is an award-winning shojo and shonen manga artist. She is considered a pioneer in the shonen-ai genre and is credited with being the first artist to include a male-male kiss in a shojo manga.

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BiographiesManga History

The Magnificent, Revolutionary Year 24 Group

An undefined group of women mangaka, the Year 24 group revolutionized shojo manga in the 1970s. Their works are considered manga classics, with many focusing on themes of politics, philosophical issues, sexuality, and gender. 

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The Ever-Present “Eye” in Gankutsuou

Gankutsuou makes us not necessarily empathize with the Count, but beg him to find a different way to continue living that doesn’t entail his idea of destructive revenge.

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