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For nearly thirteen years, Alana has been an avid fan of Japanese visual culture, stemming from the days she watched Cyborg 009 after school. Now, she’s committed to teaching others all about manga and its impact on society, both domestic and abroad. To fuel her reading habits, Alana works as a full-time digital content writer. When she’s not tracking down the latest retro manga releases, she’s probably chilling with her three pet frogs.

HotMedia Scans

[Scans] A Very Zeta Gundam Christmas (Terebi Land January 1986)

In honor of the holiday season and to celebrate the Gundam franchise’s 40th anniversary, I’m happy to present to you Gachapon Gundam Theater #4!

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HotManga Recommendations

31 Horror Manga Recommendations for Halloween

I’m here to share all the scary manga you can get your claws on the next time you’re in the mood for a chillingly good time.

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Manga Recommendations

Celebrate Marine Day with 10 Ocean-Themed Manga

To get into the seaside spirit of Marine Day, check out these ten ocean-themed manga recommendations handpicked by yours truly.

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Manga Reviews

Blue Flag: The Color of Youth

If you’ve ever felt uncertain about the future or struggle with defining your identity, then do yourself a favor and give Blue Flag a shot.

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[Podcast] Hakutaku on Doom Thugs!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to be a guest on a podcast! Getting involved in podcasting is something I’ve always been interested in, but know next to nothing about, so I was really happy when Doom Thugs asked me to be on their show.

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HotMedia Scans

[Scans] Cyborg 009 Nippon Columbia Drama LP (1977)

On December 25, 1977, Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. released a very special audio drama based on an extremely popular series: Cyborg 009.

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Japanese Kawaii Culture at Disney’s Epcot Center

Within the Japan pavilion, you’ll find one of Epcot’s hidden gems: the Bijutsu-kan Gallery.

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Manga History

Happy Birthday, Shotaro Ishinomori

Today would have been the legendary Shotaro Ishinomori’s 81st birthday.

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